Interim CIO/CTO services
Business / web strategy alignment
Project audits
Technology audits and assessments
Technology and business strategy planning
CIO/CTO mentoring

   EMS Consulting provides expert guidance on technology strategy, organization, and assessment services as well as executive support to clients with an emphasis in the on-line space.  Our customers depend on our knowledge and expertise gained through many years of experience working in both traditional and on-line organizations.  EMS Consulting’s experience in emerging and legacy technologies enables it to develop pragmatic and actionable solutions to real world technology and business needs.
  Located in the Washington DC area, EMS Consulting is available for both small one-time jobs as well as large engagements.  Our approach to taking on new projects relies on obtaining a clear understanding of the project and its expected results upfront thus insuring a successful outcome at the conclusion of the engagement.  We custom tailor all solutions to meet the needs of each individual client. We excel at high-quality service and customer satisfaction, and we are dedicated to building long term customer relationships. Our goal is not just to meet your immediate needs, but to exceed them and bring ongoing value to your entire business.
  To learn more about how EMS Consulting can assist you, contact Eric Schvimmer for more information.